Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I Am SO Doomed

It feels like it - I am doomed. I am doomed to have wonderful ideas and start writing upon them and within two weeks I am sick. I don't mean a wee bit of ill that you can use as an excuse to keep from going into work for a day or from doing the dishes or cooking for a day. No. I get sick where I am laying in the bed and wondering quite seriously if I am going to make it out of bed EVER again. (Yes, the caps are quite necessary.)

Yesterday there was deep hope in this heart of mine that The Sickness had vanished, or was soon close to being so, and then, all of a sudden, today, The Sickness has turned into something that needs a different name. A name that makes you cringe at the thought of having it like "the black death" or "the plague" or something from the Medieval era where you aren't assured you are going to survive.

Verbose? Hyperbole? Too much? Over exaggeration? *sigh*


Tomorrow I am hoping things will be better, and, in turn, I will be better and life can proceed on a far more pleasant note.

-- The Editor

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Jennifer said...

Neither verbose nor hyperbole. Certainly not over exaggeration.

I have lupus (ask your husband...I'm Steve's wife)...there is no doubt in my mind but that your description is not only apt but if anything minimizes The Sickness.

May I offer the following as reading material:


I believe that The Spoon Theory is the most accurate description of lupus/RA/serious chronic conditions that I have ever seen. My family now has a new understanding because of The Spoon Theory.

Oh...and be sure you see Sick Humor. I'm not certain that anyone else would 'get' it like we do. lol.