Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Today has been one of those days of bright sun and happy dogs and kitty. JoJo has been one of the more active of the three dogs. Outside in the early afternoon sunshine she got after a cricket and went bounding through the tall grass of the back yard like a gazelle. Chewie watched her as if she had finally lost her mind, and Gabby just lay on her favorite step and relaxed.
However, once they were inside things didn't slow down. JoJo found her Christmas squeaky toy of a big red pepper and has actively pounced it, squeaked it, and just used it as a club against Chewie until she has finally worn herself out. Before this happened, however, Chewie sang along with a song I was playing from the laptop and Gabby let me know with no uncertain terms I was to brag on her no matter what anyone else did. How did she let me know this? She grumbled and talked and wanted petting until she was firmly re-convinced she was indeed my happy "big baby girl". After the convincing she has not left my side, except for one minor excursion into the bright sunny back yard.
It hasn't been that warm here in Lexington today. Right now it is only 55*F and isn't supposed to get much warmer if I remember the forecast correctly. Luckily, it is supposed to warm up the closer we get to the weekend, which I will be quite happy to experience. We should not have too much cold weather past today (the 15th). My parents always waited to put their gardens out after the 15th of April, and I have always remembered this.
There is finally news on the mobility front! Medicare has indeed approved my wheelchair request! The wheelchair vendor actually placed the order on March 31st and I was told that it should actually reach me in two-to-three weeks, which really means four, but that's perfectly fine with me! I am soon going to have my life back and will be able to take the dogs out for walks - one at a time, of course - and go to day classes if I want, and just get out of the house!
In order to celebrate this wonderful freedom, one of my first independent trips is going to be to Barns and Noble where I can have a cafe mocha and look at books to my heart's content. I don't know what the second trip is going to be, but I know the first one!

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