Thursday, April 03, 2008

There is so much to share and life is suddenly doing that "busy" thing...

Believe it or not but there are so many articles for The News that yours truly is finding it difficult to get them all lined up and out to you, my Dear Readers. Alas, tonight was class and I am tired so the article about Destination Truth and some very interesting things Hubby has noticed.

Also, there is an interesting thing happening over at Poetic Asides in the form of a Poem-a-Day challenge for the month of April. As I understand it, you don't need to worry about how good it is or how well it is written, but to actually get poems down for editing later and you do this for the entire month of April. Although I am a little late on this, I am going to be beginning it tomorrow. However, I must apologize in advance for not posting any of them here because I am going to try and submit them somewhere by the end of the month and need them to be "fresh" and "new" as in unpublished in any format, even here. Still, I hope many of you join me in this. It sounds like fun.

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