Sunday, April 20, 2008

Made It To Sunday

Everything has been so...busy...lately. Although there is a day between classes (something for which I am totally grateful for), there really isn't a day in there where Hubby and I can actually kick back and rest, separately or together, and, I believe, this is beginning to take its toll on both of us.

Today is the Eastern Orthodox Palm Sunday and Hubby and I didn't make it because we were both really under the weather. He had a migraine and super-serious bad sinus problems and I have had...problems. About all I can say for myself and how I am feeling is that I don't feel good. It is sad, and perhaps quite lame, but this is about the only way I can explain my problem. My sinuses are a little better today, but not great; I feel extremely tired; my head decides to pound and then it goes away; my stomach is upset, yet I am hungry - for what is beyond me. About the only thing I know for sure is that I want something sweet, specifically dark chocolate. Also, I don't feel strong. I don't feel exactly weak, either; I just don't feel strong. I don't feel good.

Even though I don't feel good, there isn't any time for me to just sit and be still and quiet and perhaps knit for an entire day because there are tests to prepare for, Pascha to get ready for, and food to cook and housework to be done. *sigh* There are things to do. Important things.

Yesterday was a good day though. Hubby and I took a young friend of ours to the Kite Festival in Georgetown, KY and afterwards I was able to stop by Stone's Throw Artisans so I could pick up some yarn for a project that isn't in the too distant future - a bag to go on the back of my wheelchair...the new wheelchair!

Is there excitement in me when I think of my new wheelchair and the independence I am going to once more have? Oooooo how much of an understatement that is!!! Thrilled doesn't cover it. Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious doesn't cover it! So, yeah, there is *unknown-happy-all-encompassing-word* concerning my impending freedom.

But I just don't feel good, but it will pass....

In each class I have there is a test this week. I am not overly concerned about the CSC exam, but I am going to really be hitting the books for the tort law and litigation classes. However, I am not picking up one single text book today. Not today. There is time for study tomorrow. Hopefully this really isn't procrastination, but genuine desire to regroup and recoup my energy level. I think, quite frankly, I have run out of spoons for this past week and must be extremely careful and make sure all of the needed spoons for the up-coming week are indeed gathered and ready to go.

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