Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Freedom is Once Again Within my Grasp

There is news on the electric wheelchair front: It is here and waiting for me at Cardinal Hill's wheelchair clinic, and I get to pick it up on Friday.

Whew! Can you believe the timing of this? I am so happy and excited! The thought of being able to get out and about independently is something that has me completely and totally...quiet. It is such a joy that I really and truly can't express it. It is so deep down inside and filling me up that I feel over-flowing with everything else that is happening in my life. I am also shocked and pleased to report that the "happenings in my life" are all rather positive ones at the moment.

Pascha (the Great Passover, or the Eastern Orthodox "Easter") is this weekend. Saturday night in fact. There is a processional and I am going to get to walk beside my husband instead of him having to push me. It is amazing how well-timed this turned out. God knows what He is doing.

The weather is beginning to turn warm, already has at this point, so getting out and having daily adventures is going to be more that possible, but probable, and somehow this led me and a friend to talk about adventures.

To me, adventures is something you haven't done, known, or experienced before. It took me a while to get back into the adventuring on-line since I have been un-mobile for these long months, but I did and discovered something new on-line every day, and it was usually fun. The my friend said, "Are adventures something you go out to find or are they something that finds you?" The answer hit me like a ton of bricks in mere nanoseconds: Adventures are sought. It is the fiction adventures just happen on you. Sure, sometimes there are unexpected adventures. They sneak up on you and jump out at you. But usually, in real life, adventure is a state of mind, of being where people are not content with their simple surroundings and want to know more of what life is all about and the world they live in.

Please keep in mind my definition of adventure here - something new you have not seen, known, or experienced before.

Some people prefer not to have any adventures. They know all they want to know and that's it. They are practically melded to their routines and their four walls. Each day is pretty much the same as yesterday and tomorrow will be much the same as today. Sometimes I wonder if these people are really happy, or if they are just playing it safe to keep everything just the way it is so they don't have to step out of their comfort zone. There are so many people around us who refuse to step out of their comfort zone because they might find life too much for them, or too scary.

I was like that for a long time. I also found myself slipping back into that "comfort zone" mentality and only realized it a couple of weeks ago, which was a major wake-up call for me. I began really working on my strength and stamina then and eating better and drinking more water. I then began having at least one daily adventure, even if it was on the Internet. Life really is meant to be lived, explored, and tasted. (God gave us an entire planet to take care of, and even though the majority of the people on this planet have forgotten this, some of us haven't, which gives us a completely different spin on our adventuring because something new is always being discovered.) Otherwise I don't think we live, not to our fullest.

Oh yes, I know, sometimes life is too adventurous and too much happens to give us a chance to breathe and rest when we need it...or so it seems. These are the times when we literally must take time to take care of ourselves. This isn't selfish either - this is making sure we are strong enough and prepared enough to continue the adventuring.

Sometimes the adventures are purposeful, and sometimes, like children, they are little more than "What kind of bug is that?"

If we don't adventure in life, how are we to discover who we truly are? The greatest adventure of all is knowing God and yourself and your friends. Trust me, friends always surprise you, and there is something new to discover about God daily.

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