Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Election of Our President Nears...

Recently I have been bombarded with questions about for whom I am going to vote for in the up-coming United States Presidential election. I was even at my doctor's office recently and a complete stranger held up two magazines. One had a picture of John McCain and the other had Barack Obama on the cover. Once I had said which one I liked, I was called a fool in no uncertain terms.

Also, a dear, dear friend of mine proclaimed proudly she was going to vote for John McCain merely because "he had a woman vice-presidential running mate" and that was her only reason. Did she look at the policies and speeches of both candidates? No, she was just excited and happy to vote for a candidate that seemed forward thinking by having a woman as vice-president. I don't care who you are, woman or man; black or white, just as long as you can show me a positive plan for the country and give me enough proof you might be able to back it up - then let me make up my own mind. Sadly, many people are going to vote for McCain merely because he has a woman candidate as vice-president - not that she has even less environmental standards than the current Bush camp. This frightens me, and it should frighten others.

On the other side, a lot of people are going to vote for Barack Obama merely because he is half black and nothing else.

So, in order to give you information about the campaigns and all of their promises, I encourage you to follow the links below and read. Make up your own mind. Don't depend on the fact that there is a woman vice-presidential candidate is present or that "a black man" has finally been able to reach the presidential candidacy. Look at what they say, their issues and plans, and make up your own mind.

Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech

Biden's Acceptance Speech

Can't find a link for McCain's acceptance speech

Palin's Acceptance Speech

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