Thursday, June 11, 2009

Three Passions of My Life Besides Writing

Last Friday I actually made it to Barnes & Noble and enjoyed just roaming the stacks and letting the stresses of the entire week just melt away. It did my body, mind, and soul wonders just to be outside of the house someplace else.

As usual there were some purchases made – one of the most anticipated purchases was the next novel in the J.P. Beaumont detective series by J. A. Jance, Trial By Fury. The last time I made it to Barnes & Noble there weren't any copies available.

Straight from there I wandered and perused spines and jacket covers at a leisurely pace until I came to the craft section and the knitting books.

Once there much of the latest stress practically began to fall away like unneeded and unwanted weights. It was such an immediate sensation I don't believe I would have been surprised to hear the tinks and thuds of varying sizes of weights hitting the floor.

As I was thumbing through some of the knitting books (I need a baby sweater pattern for my niece who is expecting her second child) I suddenly understood what having a passion for something truly meant (at least to me).

Having a passion for something like knitting, reading, video games, dancing, writing, singing, etc. means that you have something so important to you that you can't see yourself not doing it or being immersed in something to do with the object of you passion.

Being passionate about something means it not only satisfies the mundane need, but it also satisfies your mind and soul in a different place and thus causes your body to relax. It also lets you relax enough to reach out and touch Creativity itself, which also lets you grasp, on an unexplainable level, something about the Creator.

Having a passion for something means it is somehow a part of you, an important part and without it you would feel just a little less whole.

I knew already I am, on a general level, quite a passionate person, but had never considered – beyond writing, of course – what my true passions were...are, and was surprised at what they are.

At the top, of course, is writing. This passion is such a part of me it is almost as necessary as breathing! Next would come my knitting, reading, and, surprisingly, my Nintendo DSi (my little toy). These are things I am genuinely passionate about.

Since these things genuinely mean so much to me it is almost impossible to describe my passion for my husband, my dogs, my family, and my friends. Above all of this it is truly impossible to describe my passion for my faith.

I am actually quite thankful for all of the passions inside. It permits me to live the life I have been given to the fullest, with only a few reservations. There is some pain involved living life this way because the heart is open to enjoy and experience everything as much as possible, and others to their utmost. So far I wouldn't change anything.

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