Monday, September 21, 2009

Here is a cute picture that simply makes me giggle each and every time I see it because Chewie, herein pictured, is the sweetest, most gentle creature on the face of this big planet. He won't harm a single thing and puts himself between danger and whatever he is trying to protect, whether that is me or a cricket! The Beware of the Dog sign in our back yard is there for our babies' protection really more than anyone else (human wise). Still, Chewie underneath it is just an oxymoron for me.

Today has been Monday. All. Day. Long. I am glad the work part of it is over because it was simply rough. The call volume wasn't out-of-this-world and the people, for the most part were nice and really just wanted the paper they had been given to go away, which is a) my job; and b) something I don't mind helping anyone do! Still, there were technical difficulties involved. At one point my head-set just was not working. On another call the person on the other end could not hear me, and the few Spanish-speaking calls I received were dropped because I could not get hold of anyone fast enough.

Hubby didn't go to work because he still had a fever from whatever was going on with him this weekend. However, he would not deny work and actually did some from home, which, in the end, helped to make him feel better. Surprisingly I understand this action. Since I have returned to the work-force again not working through the week feels really odd, although having an occasional day off wouldn't be so bad, or being able to take it off even if I didn't would be absolutely lovely!

Besides it being Monday it has rained all day off-and-on and the temperatures have dropped down into the low 70s. This encourages my arthritis to be very upset and since it cannot be upset in peace and quiet it tries very hard to make me miserable, or at least acknowledge its ever constant presence. Yeah, I've hurt today. It wouldn't hurt quite so bad if I could turn off the A/C but Hubby needs the cool because of the fevers, so I have been wrapping up as best I could. It hasn't helped all that much, but it has helped some. Part of me is actually looking forward to having the heat turned on because it will help push the arthritis back further than it is willing to go at the moment.

If this doesn't get better in the next little bit I believe I am going to pull out ye olde water bottle and fill it with hot water and hug it to my chest in perfect bliss!

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