Friday, September 25, 2009

Something Cute on a Dreary Day

Isn't this just adorable? This is Cappa (Cappuchino). She rules this house with a gentle, but firm paw. As you can tell, she has it hard in taking care of all of her duties. She must eat, sleep, amuse her human, keep the dogs in line, and, of course, make certain her beauty naps are correct in number for the day - especially on dreary days such as today. It is hard being a kind and gentle princess over such a domain. It just wears a kitty out!
Personally, I am ever so glad Friday has arrived. There is a great deal going on here at home: This is our annual St. Andrew's Church festival and for the first time in ever I will not be helping Hubby with the bookstore tomorrow (Saturday), because of the weather and my current pain level. My arthritis, limbs, and chest all say that it is going to rain quite a lot tonight, tomorrow, and possibly the next day. We shall see, of course, if I am right. Either way, the pain is here and it is planning on staying put for a while. So, tomorrow, I will be home while he is there. He will, of course, be in my thoughts a lot. We have done this together almost every since we have been in Church!
In other news, my paper journal is becoming nice and fat from photos, drawings, and knitting patterns. It is growing so large with a collection of swatches that I am going to have to keep a knitting journal for real, not just in pretense! I am quite surprised by it actually.
The dreary, gray sky has my mood somewhat down. It will perk up soon.
Have a great Friday y'all!

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