Saturday, September 26, 2009

Not Quite the Weekend I was Expecting

My arthritis has really kicked up on me for the past week. It has rained here in Lexington practically off and on all week. It has rained today and is still feeling like rain in my body although the sun has actually managed to peek its way out from behind the clouds.
The rain is going to really help the leaves be beautiful for when they turn, however. So, complaining about the weather doesn't really do any good about it at all. In fact, it is quite useless. Still, just to be able to say, "Hey, I don't feel good" does help just a little more than suffering in silence.
Despite the tears shed in pain, I am going to encourage today to be better than what it otherwise normally would have been. There is knitting planned for later as well as a little on-line shopping for a couple of things to decorate my journal/diary pages with; and there are movies to catch up on as well. Even though there are things to do today to keep me distracted, the main thing I was looking forward to, mostly, was the St. Andrew's Festival at my Church. Every year since joining, and even before joining, Hubby and I have managed to work at the bookstore booth each and every year. This is the first year we have not worked it together. The festival is a weekend event, so there is a chance I might be able to work at it tomorrow after Church, I am not at all certain this is even possible.

Moving for me today is so painful all I have been able to do is move, get from point A to point B and then dissolve into tears. Yes, there is pain medication I can take for such a bad day, but I am only taking half of the dosage because I really would prefer not to sleep the day away, but I might just have to take a second dose - usually I try to take one dose and suffer through the rest of the day because I want a DAY, not a snooze fest.
So, despite the fact this weekend was not what I was expecting it to be - I am still hopeful it will be as good as it can possibly be.

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