Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Middle of the Week and Marching Forward

It is Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday work was nothing but call after call. Today it was actually quiet and I even managed to get some knitting done! Yes, there was much rejoicing!

Plus, The Tale of Desperaux came in from Netflix, which means we will be watching a really cool movie this evening, unless we can't get So You Think You Can Dance to record on the DVR. Yes, yes. I know. Addicted I am.

My tum-tum has not been fantastic today because of the stress and, perhaps, letting the stress go. This means I am probably ordering some egg-drop soup and some soothing chicken dish which will, perhaps, let my stomach settle. Potato chips were the only thing that stayed in place.

Now, the weekend approaches and a baby shower. I need to get back to knitting!

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