Friday, December 10, 2004

Entering the Realm of a Foreign Language

For most of the world, knowing a second language is nothing out of the ordinary. Only knowing one is unusual there. Here in America, knowing two languages or more is most unusual.

Some have said that Spanish is the true second language of America, and, quite frankly, I believe it just may be correct. Still, learning a second language, in particular Spanish, was not a big concern for me until I started hanging out at my friend's store and trying to learn some tailoring. Latinos come in there all the time and ask questions and, although I try, I don't understand a lot of what they are saying. So, yesterday, in the midst of a Christmas shopping spree, I purchased a Spanish/English dictionary and a book called The Idiots Guide to Important Spanish Phrases.

The really neat thing is that I've really been paying attention to the words in there and it doesn't seem too awfully difficult and I already know the verbs change, and if I practice with the Latinos who come into the shop I might actually end up speaking Spanish!

Be very afraid people, The Author is entering the realms of learning a foreign language! ( least foreign to her)

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