Friday, December 17, 2004

Enter...the Cat!!!

Today my lovely JoJo, whom you have seen in a lovely picture, discovered the yarn I had balled up to do some knitting with. It didn't matter it was yarn, all that mattered was that it was a ball and it seemed to be moving magically upon its own! Soon the yarn was tangled around the front paws and JoJo was desperately trying to fight off the wayward "ball" when I discovered them.

For her part, JoJo looked abashed that a ball had taken her down onto the couch. She was playful as I began untangling her. The situation was so bizarre I didn't berate her for getting into my yarn and almost destroying the scarf I had almost finished. Perhaps I should have, but what happened next took all thoughts of berating and anything else out of my head.

Our beautiful fuzzy, furry Cappa, our kitty, my princess, leapt from her perch by the TV directly onto JoJo with all four feet. Cappa isn't a small kitty either. JoJo yipped in surprise and almost peed as Cappa's mouth opened and she bit down firmly into JoJo's neck, tail swishing, eyes gleaming, and then she leapt away, back to her perch to pretend as if nothing had happened.

Stunned, I finished untangling JoJo's front feet and then she got off the couch, eyes, all the while, keyed on Cappa who was seemingly oblivious, purring exceptionally loudly and cleaning her front paw.

What else is going to happen between now and Christmas? If my babies are involved, I bet it's going to be very exciting, for a few moments at least.

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