Wednesday, February 16, 2005

A Quick Aside

YES, there is fiction, but my computer has just decided it doesn't want to cooperate in pasting said fiction. Since there is somewhere I have to be in the next couple of hours, this means I do not have enough time to "type" everything into the computer right now. Needless to say, it will be done today or first thing tomorrow morning. I also have the 4th part of THE WITCH WOOD DEMON ready for posting tomorrow, which takes much stress off of yours truly. So, I guess you would call this technical difficulties.

On a lighter note - I have been going surf-shopping recently. This is what I like to call it - instead of "window shopping" I'm Net window shopping, therefore, surf-shopping. I really do need a few items, but some things I've found just fill the geek in me with too much happiness. Like this for example. Nice pricey tag, but uber cool to me! Told Cheyenne about this and Hubby and found they agreed. There is also this to keep my geeky side quite thoughtful and curious. And there is more, MUCH more, but these are some of the really cool stuff that makes me want to drool.

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