Monday, February 28, 2005

The Witch Wood Demon, Part 5

The Witch Wood Demon, Part 5
By H.A. Handy
Copyright (c) 2005 by H.A. Handy


I'm warm.

I'm dead.

Got to be.

The warm blackness surrounded her. Time no longer existed. There were no more worries or pain out there for her. She could rest for eternity, and she was ready for it.

A long, low gurling snore disturbed it.

Suddenly, Angelica felt herself fill with joy, and a little sadness, she was alive. She tried an experimental move and found she was wrapped up tight in something and warmth was filling her front, which, in turn, helped warm her back. As she came awake more, the blackness was replaced by a faint orangeness. If she opened her eyes she would be awake. Not yet. Not just yet. Just a few more moments, breath, of this peace. If she stirred, Angelica sensed, the rest of the house would begin to stir with her. It was morning. Something inside said it was morning.

Slowly, carefully, Angelica opened her eyes. She was facing the fireplace which was still going well. As carefully as a cat, she hoped, Angelica slipped from her to sit sit up.

Faint light was coming in through the windows, giving the place a nightmarish quality. It was early morning. Very few birds were chirping outside. The man, Caleb, was on the couch. He was clean and covered with a thick red cover. He looked worse for wear, but his chest still rose and fell, albeit a little more rhythmically now. It was odd for her to come awake and be concerned for the life of another. It felt good. Right.

Edna was on an antique small bed that was probably a hundred years older than Edna by the looks of it. Her hair was undone and it covered her pillow with silver. It was beautiful. Edna's face was quiet, gentle. Beautiful. Joshua was in a chair by Angelica's feet by the fire. His head was tipped back, his mouth open in full repose. It was from him the snoring was coming from.

Angelica came slowly to her feet, which, she discovered, had different socks on them and were nice and warm.

The bed. Angelica turned back to look at Enda. It was one of Edna's prized possessions. A gift from her grandmother.

How did she know that? But it was. It was a gift from Edna's grandmother the eve of Edna's wedding. How two people could fit into the small bed was amazing, but they had.

You're in my world now, Angelica.

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