Monday, February 21, 2005


Hubby and I have just finished with our taxes. Sad to say, we aren't getting back much this year. Why? Because his income has gone up less than $1500. You want to know the really scary part - our household income is still less than $25,000 per annum!

With all Bush has done with "repairing" the nation, it seems the average people are the ones suffering most. "Getting ahead" and "making ends meet" are not terms the rich seem at all familiar with. Why do they even need to think about making ends meet when they have money to blow on buying horses and planes? Still, how many rich are there living next door to you? None live on my street with me. Everyone I know is barely getting by as is.

If President Bush keeps "repairing" the nation, we may have to leave the country just to be able to afford to live. Isn't that ironic? America is supposed to be the place where you can come and live the American dream of success. Except, it doesn't seem to be quite working any more.

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