Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Normal Day

I must admit, Dear Readers, I have become quite accustomed to having the house to myself during the day and since Hubby has been home, well, things have not been ... normal feeling.

The dogs and I do not go playing through the house because Hubby (going to have to come up with a different name than "Hubby" eventually) is watching TV or playing X-Box, or on the telephone trying to find another job. We don't sit quietly and write for hours and let the imagination unwind in its own way (OK, I do the writing, but we all tend to generally "unwind"). We leave the cooking up to him, and, although I shouldn't, I tend to enjoy it. Recently, however, this has been necessary because I have been so far under-the-weather it hasn't been funny.

BUT - today I, we, have had the house to ourselves. We have played. We have music on and we have been writing. The dogs and I have played, gone outside and played, come back in the house and played. Everything has "normal" feel to it. Isn't it strange how we slip into patterns and don't even realize it?

Hubby is out working today. He has a small job that will at least let us buy food and pay a couple of those bills we need to get out of the way. I spoke to him earlier in the day and his voice was lighter than it has been for a few days and filled with an enthusiasm I have missed hearing. Even he has a pattern he misses - work.

Today, right now, we have everything in place, in its "normal" area and life feels good. Very good.

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