Sunday, December 04, 2005

Cold and Gray and Christmas-time

Today it has been very cold and the sky is filled with that teasing dark gray promising snow but all it has really done has rained or drizzled or just spat at some snow but nothing is really falling. Despite the absence of snow, the weather is helping to lure me into a full out Christmas mood. How can it not? I mean, it is cold and there are Christmas programs on TV and Christmas music on a couple of radio stations, and the bells of the Salvation Army people are ringing at nearly every store you visit.

A few people are complaining, of course, about the "commercialism" of Christmas. But first, let's look at all of the stores and all of the businesses that have now instructed their employees that they can no longer say "Merry Christmas" to customers or people who wish them the same. I can't help but look at these people like they are insane. First and foremost this is the celebration of Jesus Christ (you know Christmas?) and His birthday. This is a religious holiday no matter how much or how hard people are trying to take the religious significance out of it. Accept it. Deal with it. Enjoy handing out presents and singing beautiful hymns. Enjoy going to Church. Enjoy being with family and friends. Enjoy life, because that is what this season is all about. Life and love as exemplified by Jesus Christ. As for the "commercialism" it is the people who are putting themselves on soap boxes and want to change everyone's mind while they are patting themselves on the back and probably shopping on the sly that need to really look at what they are doing and let the religious aspect of the holiday shine forth in love and smiles and good wishes to all men, not just now, but always.

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