Thursday, December 22, 2005

'Tis Christmas

For the next few days there may or may not be many updates until about the 27th or so because 'tis Christmas! Much is planned and this weekend is the weekend I must get it all done, which has been quite a surprise for me. See, usually, everything is done as of last weekend. The groceries are purchases, the baking is at least planned or started, some presents are delivered and ALL of the Christmas shopping has been done and all of the presents wrapped AND the Christmas tree is up. Not so this year - it all falls to this weekend.

It would be nice to have it all done so all I had to do was the baking, but things happen. Luckily B will be off to help me this year so everything looks to be just where it needs to be in order to have the most merry of Christmases.

On Christmas night I am going to give B one of his special Christmas presents. (I have already had to give him the filter for his aquarium and fish supplies.) This will sort of be our own little private Christmas.

The festive celebration list looks as follows:

Friday - Grocery shopping, delivery of Avon to customers, last minute gift shopping
Saturday - Church for Vespers and the beginning of the Christmas time there (much yayness!), wrapping of presents, baking
Chrismtas Day - Church, of course, then off to B's parents' for gift exchange and dinner, then back home for a little private gift exchange and perhaps a smaller dinner of our own
Monday - Christmas with friends, gift exchange, dinner, probable collapse in front of the TV
Tuesday - Clean up and cooking (but only a little)

It seems everything looks perfectly in order doesn't it. Then why do I feel as if I am going to come un-glued at any second?

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