Thursday, December 01, 2005

Looking At Myself

I am quite surprised when I can actually see myself changing. Sometimes it seems as if I am the greatest project I have ever discovered. At times I stop working on myself and just let me simmer, let everything that is me just stew and meld into the next phase of who I am or who I am going to be. Last night I realized I have changed a little more.

It seems that no longer do I just look to myself for care, but also to B, to my friends, and to absolute strangers. The homeless and their cold this winter has been weighing on me heavily. It has become so large a burden that in order to get it away from me I have decided to start collecting blankets and get them out to Lexington's homeless. Can you imagine how cold they must be? It would be nice to think ALL the homeless of our cities and towns head south for the winter, but that just isn't true or realistic: We don't see so many homeless because a good number have migrated south, but there are some who still remain because this is their home and why would we want them to leave their home?

Not only am I slowly beginning to get the word out I need blankets, I will be contacting the police station on Monday so I can start getting some blankets out to those who really need them, those who can't make it into shelters.

Why am I thinking of the homeless? I am not sure. Maybe God has placed this on my heart to do now - after all, we are supposed to help those less fortunate, and it goes beyond just making a donation here and there. The doing of the thing is just as important as the caring. Isn't that what Jesus tried to tell us on more than one occasion? It didn't really hit home for me until this weight (it isn't a burden) came upon me about the homeless.

You know, maybe, just maybe I am figuring out how to be a Christian after all.

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