Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Cold Sunshine and Computers

The past couple of days has been wonderful in the lazy department except for writing on a new novel and getting clean-up done on a few programs and the beginning of a new computer project for Church. Today has been an odd day because it appears I have come down with some sort of bug and have felt crappy for most of the day. Still, there is good news to report on this beautifully sunshiny, but cold, day.

FRIDAY there will be a piece of new fiction from a first time author. The title of the piece is "Forest Walker" - a wonderful science fiction story.

Next week we will have a book review - the only problem with that is I am not sure which book I will review first. There will also be a MOVIE REVIEW of The Triangle and hopefully NARNIA!

Plus, there will be POETRY and even some fiction, just not serialized fiction at this time because of the new novel-writing taking place.

I am hesitant to say this but, I think we finally have things back on track!

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