Saturday, December 31, 2005

Still Sick but Thinking

I am still sick with the flu, but as is the usual state of my brain, I have been thinking. Some of the thoughts are not worth putting down like, "Why does the world look puce all of a sudden?" or "Why do I suddenly feel so car sick when I have never felt car sick before?" or "Am I dying?" OK, maybe the question about dying is important, but since I am still here and still writing and still thinking, I believe I am doing pretty good at least in the living department (although I really feel as if I could die from this crud).

One question that has been popping into my fevered brain (and trust me, it IS fevered) has been "What do I want out of the New Year?" All of the old resolutions about writing and submitting stories is a given, of course, as is getting in shape and STAYING in shape, but the one thing I would really love to happen in 2006 is that no one I know and love should die.

Remember how I have said I am tired of people leaving me? I really, really am. Just one year I would like to have without someone I care about die and leave. I would like for them to be as healthy and happy as they could possibly be and that deaths (of the people I hold dear) would not happen.

Does this make me a selfish person?

For myself and B - well, I would just like for us to be happy and healthy and love one another.

No one to die and us to be happy and healthy, these are the things I would much rather see than anything else for 2006.

Whether or not you make or keep resolutions, I hope you have the best of years in 2006 and this year is only the beginning of something absolutely wonderful for you.

OK, and that you all keep reading The News and enjoy it (although it would be nice if you commented a little more, but if you don't, that's OK too; just keep reading).

God Bless.

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