Sunday, January 01, 2006

Already Some Positives

The New Year of 2006 has begun and already there are positives to report: I feel better. I am not "well" yet, but I am feeling much better and have hope that I am going to beat this nasty thing into submission very soon.

B and I brought it in holding hands because of this horrible cruddy sickness I currently possess. I must admit I really did miss my New Year's Kiss. There is something special about that first kiss of the beginning year - like there are promises made of many more, at least there is hope there will be.

Maybe it is because I am feeling better, but I am quite hopeful about this little Blog and what I hope it accomplishes this year. I believe I am going to add a book review for each week. This is for two purposes - to make sure I keep up my reading schedule, and to actually keep track of what I read during the year.

Can you possibly guess what the first book will be for 2006? Narnia, or the very first section of it. Already there is something that has struck my heart and imagination so deeply it made me actually remember why I started writing in the first place, as well as reading wonderfully lovely novels. I will share all of that with you later. For now, I am just enjoying the read and relaxing and feeling better.

2006 has indeed begun much better than I expected it too, yet hoped for.

Happy New Year All!

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