Sunday, January 22, 2006


* The coal miners in West Virginia were found dead. The really bad thing is how the press is saying "Well, they had good air just a few feet away." OK wise guys, you be in a deep mine explosion and cave in, and YOU find the good air without a problem. Prove it to me you can do it. Of course they aren't going to even try. So, until they try, I personally believe they should shut up.

* I've been pondering something this weekend. Something important. Something I am going to share later on in the week if not tomorrow.

* My JoJo (canine) has been very upset today. Cappachino (feline) has taken up residence under my wheelchair when I am in the living room watching television. JoJo has been so upset by this that she has literally been grumbling and complaining and very upset with B and me because we are not making the cat move so she can be as close to me as is possible.

This warms my heart really, and makes me smile, even though JoJo is indeed extremely upset.

*Have just watched a fantastic movie tonight. Will review it for The News later on in the week.

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