Thursday, January 12, 2006

Soup De Jour

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Let me re-cap, for a moment, about supper last night: Hubby wanted a fish soup. Between myself looking in my cook books and on the 'Net, and Cheyenne looking on the 'Net and emailing me recipes when they would not open on for me (most annoying that was), I had a pretty good handle on what I could do to make this fish soup. My plan was to have lots of pasta, some cheese, and a chicken broth base that would not be all that fishy tasting. I would fix the fish separately and he could add his into the soup if he wanted, and if he didn't, he wouldn't have to. Since the entire idea of fish soup seems just plain wrong to me, I was planning on the latter. Hubby, on the other hand, had an Oriental taste in mind, so he went to the Thai store and purchased some really odd ingredients for this soup. I prepared the fish separately as I had planned (thank God for small ideas!) and Hubby worked on his soup once he was back from service last night .

The egg noodles, bless him, were cooked until they really didn't have a taste any more, and the broth itself was so spicy and tasted so odd that my stomach felt a little green. Sounds odd, but is true. Hubby kept eating the soup and the noodles and thought they were absolutely wonderful, or pretended to at least. I am still not convinced he enjoyed his meal as much as he seemed to. He put his fish into this mixture and continued to eat with relish. I just ate my fish and some French fries he made with the soup just in case we needed more (possibly he was mostly thinking about me, or we would have a back up to the fish soup if he didn't like it). Needless to say, supper, for me, was not very tasty. But he enjoyed it, which means it wasn't an absolute and total loss. I did notice this morning that he made himself a fish sandwich and took that to work with him - the soup remainders has been left behind in the fridge.

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