Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Trust No One

Image hosting by PhotobucketWho Am I? still amazes me. It is one of the finest Jackie Chan movies out there. Why? The stunts are impeccable (at least the finished project) and impressive. Although the movie was released in 1998, I have to admit it is one of my favorite movies of any type, not just in the martial arts or action/adventure genres.

In this movie, Jackie Chan plays a Special Forces team member who loses his memory because of greed on his superior’s part. He is befriended by the Masai in Africa after he loses his memory and is badly wounded after falling out of a helicopter into the jungle canopy below, wraps a rope around his body and launches himself off of the side of a building and then rights the world enough to run off, has an outstanding fight on top of a building, and runs down the side of a building without a rope! Awesome!

Just see this movie!

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