Monday, January 16, 2006

Shoe Leather Zen

Have you ever noticed how the soles of our shoes reflect our lives? It starts out new and then it starts to get worn in and comfortable. It moves and changes and helps us stay sure footed, at least on the sure footed surfaces, but sometimes it just slips in water or trips over imaginary boulders the size of peas. Then it cracks, sometimes breaks while gunk gets stuck onto it and we have to clean it off sometimes just because the gunk is SO absolutely bad. Finally, when the soles of the shoes have gone as far as the rest of the shoe - usually the sole of the shoes outlast the rest of the shoe itself, but it all gets chucked to someplace else, or to Goodwill, or to the trash bin depending on how bad the rest of the shoe is. Then we go out and get ourselves a new pair of shoes, but it takes a long time for the new pair to feel as good as the old ones. Have you ever noticed this?

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