Friday, January 20, 2006

So the 'Net is Propositioning Infidelity?

Today as I was checking my email, as I am want to do several times a day because things come in at different times and I need to check to see if a publisher received this story or that poem, because many actually DO respond with an email (although many don't as well). Sometimes the Spam filter doesn't catch what is Spam and what isn't, I have made it a habit to at least peruse the addresses and subject lines of the bulk mail/spam mail folders. This habit has let me rescue a couple of submission possibilities I would not normally have had because the computer, or service, put them in that particular file rather than the Inbox, where they were supposed to go.

Usually the same things keep appearing in the bulk/spam folder - prescription drug offers, sex offers, dating offers, scams, the usual. Today while I was scanning over the titles and senders of said titles, one caught my eye. It said, Clandestine Meetings. It was from a dating company. This struck me as a little odd, and although I don't usually open weird emails, I did this one and was shocked to discover my suspicions were quite founded: It was a dating site for married people to find other married people (and sometimes single ones) to have an affair with! It supported, touted and even encouraged adultery in couples!

I was stunned and re-read the advertisement several times. No, not to see how to join, but just to make sure I had seen what I thought I had. It was blatant about "getting the satisfaction" each married partner wanted and needed and "why does your significant other have to know?"

Sadly, I am really far behind the times if this is the trend now. I grew up believing that if someone who was married had an affair there were problems in the relationship and that if an affair was had then there could be forgiveness and the relationship could be saved. Having an extra marital affair was never encouraged.

I have known of a case or two when one member of the marriage was in love with two people, but in the end a decision had to be made as to which one to finish out living the rest of their lives with. That is, if their marriage partner had not killed or divorced them upon finding out the matter (and usually they never did). Still, these were exceptions rather than the norm. The norm is - having an affair, the wife or husband finds out about it and there is usually a divorce on the table in less time than it took to have the affair!

But people do NOT need to be encouraged to have an affair.

By the way, remember the commandment THOU SHALL NOT COMMIT ADULTERY!

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