Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Lazy But Productive

I am never quite sure what to make of these sort of days - this has been a lazy, but productive, day. Doctors appointments have been scheduled (yes, plural), I have contacted transportation so I can be out and about for a while tomorrow, and in looking in on the kitchen I can say that it will not be a difficult task to clean what little needs to be done and then prepare supper (it is deciding what to prepare for supper that is proving an almost daunting task). That was the productive side of the day. On the non-productive and lazy side of the day I can say I have listened to much music and decided I simply cannot survive the rest of the new year without Napster. I have lazed, eaten, and contemplated reading a novel or just watch one of the many movies I have stacked up beside the monitor here. So, a lazy but productive day.

Oh! And I have written more on the story that I had started just prior to the flu, or when I was beginning to get over it, I'm not exactly sure which. One of the main characters is trying to break away from me and do his own thing, thus taking the story with him into probable oblivion, but I am being steadfast and strong and, so far, am perceiver against him! Although, I am beginning to think that part of his actions may be somewhat probable and logical, but I do not have the fullest reason to go ahead and let him do what he wants. This is a good story, one of those stories where I know and can feel the words flowing almost like the blood in my veins. Keeping hold of these guys is becoming difficult, but rearing children never are.

One thing I have tried, and failed to do, is to locate something interesting to put into today's slot. Alas, you all are stuck with me yet again. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a good smattering of creativeness to share with you all. .... There IS a poem brewing deep down.

I love poetry.

I love writing.

Sometimes I even love being me.

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