Friday, January 27, 2006

Looking at This Friday

Nothing I had planned has come about, but things that I hadn't planned are occurring. What is that old saying about mice and men?

On the physical front, I am doing poorly, as they say back home, but I have hopes this poorly spell will pass. It hasn't stopped my creativity however, because ideas for stories and poems are still popping up left and right and the lethargy, though it is keeping me from working at a continuous pace, is not stopping the work of the creative at all. This gives me hope things will majorly progress in the coming days and weeks.

We have cable movie channels now and I must admit today has been the first day I have just let myself veg in front of the mind box in quite a long time. It seems my brain needs the break from all of its thinking because I have actually watched a couple of movies. One movie in particular has caught my fancy, The Haunted Palace with Vincent Price. I remember seeing this flick as a child on the Saturday Afternoon Movie Show and being scared senseless. It is a pity it doesn't scare me now like it did, but my heart still beats quickly on occasion at some scenes. I also watched The Picture of Dorian Gray the old black and white version. It was absolutely superb. So, why am I watching all of these "old" movies in comparison to the new movies that are out there right now? Because they seem better in many ways, than current movies who rely too much on the show instead of the tell of a good story. I love modern movies, all of you should know that by now, but sometimes, when you go back into the black and white vaults you come up with some true gems of excellent story telling.

Now, to some news.... Have any of you read about this?

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