Saturday, February 16, 2008

Almost a Normal Saturday

Today Hubby wanted to go to tai chi in Georgetown (Kentucky). I had no problem with that at all; this is the usual Saturday drill for both of us. Or was. Since moving to the new house I am afraid I slacked off on going to tai chi and having the normal Saturday of fellowship and friends, as well as necessary exercise. This morning Hubby smiled and actually helped me get my rickety, creaking body together so we actually made it there together.

There couldn't have been a better day for driving to Georgetown. The sky was blue. The sun was shining bright, and several times I just closed my eyes and soaked up the sun that was rich and warm through the van's windows. Hubby also made certain the van was warm. On the way there I decided I have had enough "down" time. Now is the time to start collecting the energies and preparing for a different phase of everything.

Once to class and jumping back into it all I realized several things 1) I remembered more than I thought I would; 2) I have genuinely missed class and the people there; and 3) I also missed going to tai chi with my husband. Going today made me quite aware of all of these things, and a thousand more that can't fully be articulated. It was surprising to me just how easily I slid back into the groove of it all. A couple of times I looked over to Hubby who was practicing and saw the peace and happiness inside all of the concentration. I had missed seeing that particular expression on his face.

Just Bill's voice explained movements and weight distribution on the legs and I just sat there and tried very hard not to grin, because I had missed him so very much! Jim the Scribe kept Hubby on track once or twice with corrections and Bob Hoohaha was still "the bad example"-and it all filled my heart and head with joy. Nothing had changed, and yet it had. However, the peace was almost palpable to me, and life seemed a little less disjointed.

As always after tai chi, we went to Fava's for breakfast. For the first time in many days I was starving and ordered a big breakfast and ate it all except for two slices of tomato. I felt stronger and more relaxed. When Just Bill asked me how I had been doing I was honest, but I also had a wonderful decision made which I also shared: not going to be down any more. It was fantastic to be able to share that with him and the rest of the group who was closer. It was important in moving forward for me, and, at the same time, it was important for the rest of them as well. It was precious and special. Hubby relaxed then, also for the first time in several days, and smiled.

And, as always when in Georgetown, there was yarn therapy.

Things aren't "back to normal" because there aren't any electric wheels still, yet there is something inside me that is back to normal. It feels wonderful!

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