Monday, February 04, 2008

A Wild and Crazy Time!

This weekend was the Hubby Birthday Extravaganza! Cheyenne came in on Thursday night, Hubby's official birthday, and departed back for Columbus as of today only a couple of hours ago. Since it also turned out to be Superbowl Sunday as of yesterday, we decided to have a Superbowl party.

Just as a note to all, having two parties back to back-Saturday for the birthday and Sunday for the Superbowl-is a bit on the hectic side; however, we loved every single moment of it and are actually planning to do it again next year.

It was fantastic having so many people over during the weekend, but I must admit it feels nice just having space and time to take several deep breaths and contemplate ordinary household, every day things.

Have begun, of all things, a knitting blog! It is called Not Afraid 2 Knit. Don't worry, I will continue to post finished objects and bits and pieces about knitting here as well, but it is nice to have a blog dedicated to my most favorite hobby, nay passion. It is just easier to keep that part of my life in one place because not everyone adores pieces, lengths of string the way I obviously do and it was also suggested by several friends, so I am taking them up on their suggestion. Go check it out sometime, but I warn you: There it is all knitting and spinning ALL the time! LOL!

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