Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

With everything that has been happening bad in the past few days and the deep dark purple funk I've been in, this morning with it being Valentine's Day I got up with Hubby.

There in my wheelchair was a large-ish purple box, a card a-top it, and a sugar cookie (which turned out to be from Sniffles). The front of the card said "My best friend and my only love, my dream and my reality, my moon and all my lucky stars..." When I opend the card it began singing to me about how I was his "everything"...yes, there were tears. Tons of tears. Why? Because I was happy and wasn't expecting anything like it.

21408 V-Day Card

When I could sort of see I turned my attention to the large-ish purple box. There I was greeted with El Toro and his message:
El Toro of Love
"Hello, my name is El Toro...El Toro of looooove. And my love for you burns with the heat of a thousand halepenos!...Wait!...What is El Toro saying! A million. YES! One million halepenos! Spicy!"

All I could do was cry. I stood and cried alone, then I went and wrapped my arms around Hubby and cried because I simply could not speak. Then, Hubby had El Toro speak again and he dipped me and kissed me so deeply I lost my breath and my head swam and my knees felt weak.

Yep, he's still got it.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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