Friday, February 08, 2008

Valentine's Day Productivity and Other Stuff

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. In preparation for this wonderously sloppy day of girlie goodness and love extradinare, I pre-ordered some Valentine's Day cards from The Hunger Site's Animal Rescue portion and purchased some lovely cards with a puppy holding a rose in its mouth. The outside says, "I love you" and the inside says, "...unconditionally" which I thought was perfect for my sisters. As sisters we will always love each other despite the occasional tiffs sisters usually seem to have during their younger years. We love each other simply because we are who we are and just how much we trust each other and love each other...unconditionally.

However, there were only four cards in the pack (and it is apparently discontinued so I cannot link to the cuteness) which meant I needed to find more cards to send. Since there is no electric wheels to give me freedom to shop, I intended to look on-line for places where I could possibly send cards. Since I had to make another change of address on-line at, I discovered there was a link to a place called Actually, it is part of the USPS site. It allows you to choose cards, fill out the address, pay the postage and have them mail off the card for you. The cards weren't overly priced either and I could put anything I wanted on the interior. So, I spent about $9 and the Valentine's Day card problem was solved.

Of course, if I had my druthers I would have preferred to have actually gone shopping for the cards and been able to put special messages on the inside of the cards with my own signature, but this works. Because it works, and works well, the feeling of accomplishment is remarkable.

This isn't the only thing I have done all day, as a matter of fact. The big long TO DO list that was made last night actually has a number of things marked off of it, including important matters such as bills and appointments made and double-checked; and order of operations organized.

It would be nice to say I had everything of importance done I needed done today, but it isn't so...yet. There is still homework, supper to cook, and bills to pay; knitting to do, and books to read. And, as always, there is still some housework to do. However, the day has been very productive, which has also helped my mood considerably!

Yesterday I was feeling very defeated by all of the things I needed to do and hadn't been doing. Today there is a better feeling-a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I need this feeling to keep me going. I suppose I need to just sit down and make lists and be able to look back over them and see what I have accomplished in the day as well as what I still need to do.

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