Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Day in Which we Continue to Relax

The day is advancing. It is hot outside and the sky has a wonderful summer blue. The dogs are all lying about enjoying the air conditioning just like their mommy. It is hard for me to believe the first week of my two week vacation is nearly over. This makes me sad in a way, and also encourages me to merely use each day to regroup, regain energy, and not do anything at all unless it is absolutely necessary.

Yesterday was a packed day of sweeping and mopping all of the floors and visiting with a friend who came over. It was wonderful to have company again. It added to the feeling of "break" and "relaxation" like nothing else could. This weekend we are having more company as Cheyenne is coming in, but we probably won't see him overly much because he will spend most of his time with Sniffles, but I do believe there is a slotted time for Barns & Noble and a movie once Hubby gets his hair done. So, there is more relaxing planned for this weekend.

Sniffles will be back shortly! She went to France with her father and siblings. I have missed her. There isn't a close girlfriend I have to chat with and pass the time, when neither of us is working, of course.

Recently I told someone Sniffles was my best girlfriend and she said, "I didn't know you were bi!" This remark floored me! Can't a straight woman have another woman as a friend, you know, girlfriend, without her being automatically assumed to be bisexual? The comment didn't offend me, of course, it just floored me, startled me into explaining the archaic concept of having a female friend you were not sleeping with, and had no desire to sleep with, was indeed a close friend. The woman looked at me and stammered something about most of her friends being proclaimed bisexuals and that she had assumed it was almost the norm, which prompted me to ask her if she was bisexual. She wasn't and almost seemed offended I had asked the question; however, my point had been made. She didn't apologize and I didn't ask for one because there really wasn't a reason for one in my book.

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