Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday of Week 2

It is nearly impossible to actually believe the second week of my break has begun. Next Monday, by this time, I will already have been at school for several hours. I am praying there will be day classes I can take next quarter. However, if night classes are offered I will take them if that is the only way for me to go on and successfully complete this degree.

Having this break has been so very beneficial. Hubby hasn't completely understood its importance, no one has except those of us who are enjoying it. The world moves differently for each person, and tiredness (OK - exhaustion) hits people differently, and one of the worst types of exhaustion is mental; a tie is with emotional. This past quarter had me ready to blow bubbles from the drool that was threatening to roll down my chin! Why? There was a lot of upheaval and kindness and friendship shown, as well as a keen feeling of desperation when the new wheelchair returned from its first break-down (and hopefully its last).

In order to give myself the greatest benefit of the break I have done nothing hard. I have slept, ate, knitted, watched TV, and read wonderful non-law related material. Since I have done this I must admit the thought of returning to studying said material is really beginning to be exciting again.

All of this activity has begun to show in my body though, according to my rheumatologist. There is an operation I need to plan for on my right hand - a bone in my thumb has slid down and needs repaired. According to my rheumatologist it is a big surgery and will have me practically inactive for six to eight weeks. Right now I can't take off that much time from school and life in general. My blood pressure is up - it was 200/100 at the visit - and I have been commanded to get me to a General Praction doctor ASAP. (I will make those necessary calls tomorrow.) And my pain level has increased, but that isn't any surprise there for anyone involved, including me.

Does any of this mean I am going to slow down? Are you kidding?! I just have to make sure and take better care of myself, get more physical rest, rest my hands as much as is possible (without me going insane) and just being smart about all of the activities I am doing. Hubby has suggested really increasing my study of qi gong for my hands. If I can increase the energy in my hands then, perhaps, the surgery might not be so immediately necessary, and even if it is necessary, the recovery time could increase.

Life. Isn't it remarkable how it always increases the stakes as you experience it to its fullest?

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