Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Simply Don't Get The Media Any More....!

Yesterday Hubby and I decided to watch the news, mostly to catch the weather for the week. There was political talk and Barak Obama came on TV talking at his church about fathers. He said "Fathers are missing in action. Fathers are AWOL...." Right after he said this the news reporters were talking about how he had talked "down" to and about black fathers. I went on YouTube and found the video and listened to as much of his talk as was available. No where did Obama say anything about "black" fathers, but fathers in general. Absent fathers. The media is immediately making it a "black" thing, a black issue. It was really sad how much of what the man actually said was ignored and completely changed to fit some other agenda.

Why is it that the media, the news broadcasting and news exchange agencies feel so free to play with another person's words? It just doesn't make sense. Isn't this America? What happened to truly reporting the news and not putting words in other people's mouths? This makes me feel very much like 1984 had it right.

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