Sunday, July 05, 2009

Despite the Rain the Beat Goes On

The 4th of July around here ended up being somewhat of a soggy one, but there was fun still had and people were pleased and there was laughter.

Instead of having the festivities over here at the Editorial home, Cheyenne was sort of drafted, along with his garage to host it all. Graciously he accepted and with help from yours truly and RH the garage became a nice place to host a soggy 4th of July party and play games. At one point there was15 people in the garage, which was awesome - because my house would have been cramped to the gills.

However, today am suffering from just a touch of a (hopeful) sinus infection. There isn't any discoloration of sputum so I am not contagious, which is wonderful considering everyone who was over to the party yesterday.

Yesterday I just sat quietly for a moment behind everyone and just observed the smiles, chatter, and laughter. It was magnificent. Hubby put together the grill in the rain, because he decided on being stubborn, but once he was in the garage and drying off with everyone else, his mood improved. Being with everyone gave me a boost of just what I needed: Life!

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