Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Some Days You Just Need Beauty

Today with work, things were quite hectic and then my call link just froze up on me. This kept me from answering any calls and gave me an unwanted break from the job, which caused me just a little distress because when you are supposed to be working dang it you are supposed to be working! Yes, yes, I am an odd bird, but this is the way I am and most people accept this just let me stress a little so I can eventually relax. Believe it or not, but it actually works. With me at least.
Since I have my camera pictures are once more available for the blog and elsewhere. The truly wonderful thing is that this picture is of some blackeyed susans I just discovered growing at the side of my home day before yesterday. As soon as I possibly could I made sure to take a picture of them. Aren't they completely adorable! I didn't even plant them, which makes them even more special.
This morning, being an industrial person that I am (for today at least) I went outside with my camera for a small jaunt to capture my tomatoes and herbs in the morning light and while I was sitting there, quietly preparing my camera, a mourning dove came and landed right beside me! I have been feeding the birds off and on for a while so it didn't surprise me that the little creature landed so close to me, but the quiet peace it had while beside me was mesmerizing and quite humbling. Sadly, I was unable to move the camera so as to get a picture of it before it flew away, but, perhaps, tomorrow will prove to be a better bird photo day than today has been.
And, before closing, yes, the problem that was wrong with the computer is taken care of and tomorrow will be another day for work and pictures and living this wonderfully odd life I call my own.

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