Monday, January 25, 2010

Not the Monday I Expected

There was a lot planned for today, being Monday and all. There was work, of course, and then writing and playing some on Dragon Age, and then the first night of tai chi. Sadly, none of this happened today because my arthritis attacked with a holy vengeance upon me.

Today has been a day of sitting as still as possible, or literally writhing in pain. It has been so bad that Hubby didn't go to work either today, but stayed around to take care of me, as well as to determine if we might need to get me to a doctor.

Currently the pain is better. I was able to do some qi gong that eased up a good portion of the pain. It was remarkably easy to direct the chi to the shoulder and other bad spots. My back received a lot of it, as did my hands. All it took was some concentration...and belief.

Surprisingly, chi work is coming quite easily for me. I have done energy work before, but never truly put this immense determination into it, some people would call it "putting my mind to it." Now that I have, and seen positive and real results from it, has pushed me over the edge of just playing with the concept of energy and chi work, into making it a goal of mine.

The qi gong did not stop the pain entirely, but it eased it up enough that I have manged to sit up and move a little. I have only had to take one dose of Advil, which is remarkable at a time like this. Advil does nothing for the pain either, but it does help the swelling of what few joints I have that continue to have joint material. I have been able to be civil to my husband and friends who have called to check on me, and although I am completely and utterly exhausted from all of the pain today, I know I will be able to work tomorrow.

I was also good and called and left a message with Just Bill to let him know I didn't just stand him and the class up, and tried to get hold of Bliss, but just didn't have the physical stamina to wait on hold for any length of time. Next week I am bound and determined to go to tai chi, and I am not missing qi gong class for anything!

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Anonymous said...

You have learned very powerful techniques that work for you. Believe in your ability....and just do it. I'm still watching....and smiling with your discovery.