Sunday, January 31, 2010

Qi Gong and the Golden Heal

So far I am keeping up with updates on Sundays at the very least, which is working. As I improve during the coming weeks physically I believe the updates will grow more in number per week.

This week has been a week of seemingly non-stop qi gong. I did my regular qi gong practice every day and began to feel stronger and stronger. Thursday I slipped with my crutches here in my house. There was a very loud *crack* and my shoulder just was not good. Since my shift wasn't over I still had to work so this meant between calls was a lot of qi gong, which actually saved me over.

I went to qi gong class that same Thursday where Just Bill began showing us "silk reeling" exercises and I have come to the understanding that my left hand does not understand making figure eights.

It still doesn't want to do figure eights.

I'll keep working with it though and see what it will do this week.

Any way....

As I was working with the qi gong when I was injured I kept imagining that the energy was golden and it was going to the hurt place and wrapping around it like a golden sheet and healing it. My shoulder began to feel better and have thus kept it up with qi gong breathing, energy collection, and my shoulder has continued to get better.

The qi gong didn't keep me from having to take some extra pain meds, but not as much extra as I would have been forced to take with all of the additional pain if I had not done the exercises. Plus, my mood has also been more light than it otherwise would have.

Yes, I have felt like absolute crap and moving has been a royal witch, but my shoulder's progression of healing has definitely increased.

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