Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wittle Jake Got Upset With Pop

Once upon a time there was a little puppy named Jake. He was a lucky little fellow who went straight from his mama's side to Poppa, the bestest human dad evar! Jake's Poppa loved him and so did Poppa's sister and brother-in-law. He was a part of a big wonderful family.
wittle jake

Jake's Poppa stayed with him all the time when he was little and played with him and loved him. But then, as Jake grew up, Poppa said he had to get another job. So Poppa began going out during the day to something Poppa called "interviews", but he always came back to the Jake, which is what Poppa said every day when he left for a while. "I'll always come back for the Jake."
It was never too long that Poppa left Jake, but it felt like forever! Jake would try and play with the cats, but all they did was make funny noises at him that were a little scary.

Poppa worked hard to get this thing called a job. Jake didn't know what it was, but it was very important to Poppa so it was very important to Jake, too. Poppa worked with a box that sometimes made noise and showed pictures. Jake would wait patiently beside Poppa to finish and play with him.
Then, one day, Poppa came home and was so happy and excited. He had the thing! The job thing! Poppa said, "Things are going to change, Jake, but always remember: I will always come back for the Jake."

Jake was glad Poppa had this job thing. Nothing really changed for them except Poppa was happier and started pulling things out of the closet like nicer jeans and shirts and something that smelled good, even though it was washed called "a lunch box."

Then, one morning, before the sun had even woke up, Poppa was up and moving about the house putting on clothes and hurrying really fast. Jake got up too because, you could never tell when something might happen that would let Jake ride in the car! But Poppa didn't get the leash. Poppa filled the water bowl and the food dish extra high, gave the cats extra crunchy food, too; and then he petted Jake and was gone out the door.

Jake wasn't too worried about this because Popa had been trying very hard to find this job thing. The sun was good and up and still Poppa didn't come home. The sun was almost to its highest point when Poppa came home and fixed some food quickly for himself and set some aside for Jake, like always. Jake was SO happy Poppa had come home! But then, after eating, Poppa left again and Jake didn't see him for several long hours later.

Jake was so very sad. And bored. Jake was very bored. His toys weren't fun any more without Poppa.

The very next day Poppa did the same thing. He got up before the sun woke up, and was gone all day. He only had time to play with Jake when he was through with this job thing. Jake decided the job wasn't a good thing if it took Popa away so much.

Jake began to really not the like job thing because it took Poppa away from him forever and only gave him back to Jake on something called "days off" and they were never in a row.

Another thing Jake began to not like was the thing Popa talked into that always took his attention away from Jake and playing or just resting with Jake. Poppa called it "a phone."

One day, Poppa came home for the short time to eat, which Jake learned was called "lunch" and was in such a hurry he left the thing called "a phone" behind. It was the perfect opportunity to teach that nusance noisesome thing who was top dog behind Poppa: Jake.
But maybe, Jake thought, he had taught the phone too good of a lesson because it crunched really easily. Just when Jake was thinking about eating the thing, Poppa came home.

Poppa was so upset! Jake had never seen him quite so upset and sad. "I need that, Jake," Poppa said. Jake felt bad, but it felt good too because he had shown everyone he was Poppa's second in command! Even the cats would show him some respect now! But that didn't make Poppa feel any better and Jake lay down on the floor and looked up at him with his bestest sad eyes and Poppa forgave Jake.

A new phone came to live at the house after the old one's demise. It still took Poppa's attention away as did the nasty job, but Poppa really did always come back for Jake.


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