Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Voice?

Currently I am suffering from laryngitis and a head cold. Earlier today there was a fever. Now, thanks to medications, there isn't a fever, but I am quite cold most of the time and quite tired. Yes, I know that it is late, but working here at the computer on things that don't require me to talk, well, helps me to actually relax so that when I do go to bed I will be more likely to sleep deeply.

Today was one of those perseverance days for work. In the beginning of the day I didn't have problems with my voice, just a stopped up head and nose that surprisingly brought sympathy and get-well wishes from several callers; however, about an hour and a half before my day was over my voice began to go rapidly and then vanished all together into a whisper. You can't whisper and talk to people on the phone. Luckily for me one of my supervisors let me pull e-mails and make notes on them. Before signing out today I asked if I could do the same thing since I don't want to have to take time off from work if I can possibly help it. I need a good paycheck.

There was a lot I had planned to do today. I was going to clean on the house after work, and play with the dogs, and organize the office some (it's a royal mess), but What did I do? I slept to the sounds of the TV. The interesting part is that it was needed.

The only thing that truly sort of "hurt" about not doing, was working on my Victorian story with its newest arrival of a witch. This story has me interested. I know a little of what is going to happen, or what I would like to see happen, but, for the most part, I am enjoying just watching it unfold. Sometimes I have to stop the process and rein in a character, but it is wonderful. This writing project has been the most satisfying one in quite a while. Add to this that I am using a dip pen and bottle of ink on a legal pad to get words down and maybe you can understand how much bliss it actually is giving me to write it!

Now, I go to bed. I was bound and determined not to go to bed without updating here. Now I can go to bed with more peace.

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