Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day Soul Searching

Today is it. Today is when we vote for either a new President of the United States or keep the current President we have. Wouldn't it be nice if the choice was an easy one to make?

I have seriously been looking at the issues and the people running, and the more I look, the more worried I become about the state of this country and what feels like a Class 6 tornado on the horizon heading for us, and I'm afraid of the out-come.

Let's face it, as far as voting is concerned, the decision has pretty much been made already. We have an "electoral college" instead of a true "election process" by the people. Those in power are really making this decision. We are, perhaps, trying to sway some thoughts or votes in the electoral college. That said, the question then arises for me, Why am I voting?

I am voting, like many people, to make my voice heard to the Powers That Be. I am going to take a stand.

Looking at the issues and the candidates - I am torn by what could be done on both sides if they are each elected.

With Bush I am looking at my freedom of thought and voice to be compromised.

With Kerry, I am looking at he moral issue of partial birth abortion and wondering whether or not he can really handle the Muslim mentality and Arabic spirit. If he "compromises" we may as well give up now and start moving to some other country. I am also not in favor of the homosexual marriage. There are many things to consider with this issue alone.

There is something on the horizon heading toward our country and our people at a remarkable rate. I don't know what it is, but I've a feeling we, as a people and individual are going to have to make a choice on a far more spiritual and moral level than we ever have in my generation.

Bush has lied and controlled and done damage to our political credibility to the nations.

Kerry doesn't really have political credibility with the nations yet.

If something were to happen to Kerry could Edwards run the country? I don't think so. He is green. He doesn't know the ins and out of politics quite yet.

Who am I going to vote for?

I guess I'll decide that when I get to the polls.

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