Monday, November 08, 2004

Writerly Stuff

Since beginning this novel I have had idea after idea for other stories. They just wander into my brain, hang around for a couple of minutes (hopefully) and then wander away again - sort of like someone peeping in to a workshop to watch someone crafting something. It doesn't unnerve me, but it does become a little annoying at times - sometimes I just have to look up to see who the new person is and I stop working on the current novel. Does this happen to everyone who writes? I wonder. Is it the natural order of the writing world?

Another thing has also been puzzling me - is it always a good idea to work on the computer with the Internet so at hand. It is a good way to procrastinate my day away and not do the writing I want in a day. It seems like a siren song of looking up something I may need and a lot of what isn't needed.

All in all, things are beginning to look quite well for the novel. The characters and events are real-ish and the story itself is progressing. I don't have anywhere NEAR enough words for what I should have by now, still, I'm not panicking. In fact, I just really want to finish this novel and tell a great story. Perhaps that is what part of NaNoWriMo teaches you - the love of telling a good story. I always want to tell a good story, but sometimes I get so lazy about it, and now I am not so lazy - just focused.

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