Friday, April 29, 2005

Excitement Ahead (and partly domesticated)

Tonight is the beginning of the Vigil at Church. Hubby, Cheyenne, and myself are set to read from 10PM to 11PM unless someone doesn't show on time - if someone doesn't show on time, this means we will be reading until someone relieves us. This happened last year and I read out loud until my throat was so dry I didn't believe I could keep going, but somehow I managed, and so did Hubby. This year we have an extra person in our little cadre' and it gives me greater reading reassurance.

This week has been leading up to tonight and tomorrow night at Church and Pascha, or the Great Passover, for us Orthodox Christians. It doesn't matter if you are Greek, Russian, Antiochian, Ethiopian, or any other form of Orthodoxy (this does not count the Holy Catholic Orthodox Church because they are different and were founded in the 1800s), this is the time of celebration Christ's Resurrection and remember His suffering on the Cross and sojourn in the tomb for three days. All of the Orthodox are very observant of this time.

Now that Pascha has (almost) arrived, I can look forward to the coming days without fasting and I am excited by them because there are many recipes of Rachel Ray's on 30 Minute Meals I am SO eager to try. It surprised me I was looking forward to cooking rather than being able to keep the television on all the time if I like. There is a trip planned ahead of us for a small vacation and this brightens my heart as nothing has in some time. Seeing some place new is absolutely wonderful to me usually, and I am really looking forward to this.

The writing is advancing and there is going to be more opportunities to write and many stories to be able to tell from this trip and the cooking adventures I have planned.

Also, I am going on an outing all of my own sometime this week - just because I can.

There is excitement ahead - and most of it is domesticated, but it is still something I am looking forward to greatly!

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