Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Good Stories

The more I progress with this writing thing, the more I am convinced it is something I've always done in this lifetime, and will continue to do it until the ending of it. Writing is sometimes why I breathe, or so it feels like. It is a force driving me forward to look at things in that little off-kilter way that writers seem to look at things, and none of us see the same thing, but we can describe it well enough you can see what we see, or get a good glimpse of it if you simply give us the time to tell you.

I was reading Wil Wheton Dot Net and he said something that really intrigued me. He said, paraphrasing here, "I look at things now as if I'm going to get a good story out of it." That made me stop reading his blog and just sit back for a moment. This is exactly how I feel! Everything is a good story if you look at it and delve into it. My life is a good story, this is why I chronicle it in a private paper journal, tell it here, rearrange it and tell it in poems and fiction. I know it is an odd thing to actually accept and realize but, the best story is the one about me and the characters I have glimpses of are all, in some way or another, little parts of me. Sometimes they aren't good parts. Sometimes they are sad parts. Sometimes they are scary parts, but they are all parts of me. No wonder writers can get so egotistical! Now I understand why!

Still, I look forward to all of the stories I can tell and poems I can phrase.

Life, itself is too short to worry about if someone else agrees or disagrees with it. Here is my body of work, more or less, in portion, but never completely.

There are many stories out there to tell.

On Monday Hubby and I are venturing into a town neither one of us have ever been to. In fact, it is a far larger city than the one we currently live in. I am excited beyond belief to be going because there is sure to be a good story out of it!

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