Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Have you ever had those days where "today" feels special? It just feels like today, like now and everything sort of fits. It doesn't fit perfectly, of course, there are bills to pay, money to budget, time to budget, food to cook, house to clean, but there is also time to just sit in the warm sunshine, or walk in the warm sunshine of a garden-to-be and relax in the moment of today. Tomorrow is going to come and there will be different problems, different organizations to organize, and life will be just as hectic, but there is enough time in today to take a moment for myself (you) to just Be.

Sometimes when I was younger I would watch my Dad walk around in the untilled field, his hands in his back pockets, his hat on his head sort of cock-eyed and watch his posture and his face. He was seeing the garden in full bloom and growth just before time for harvest. He was also just enjoying that particular moment of standing there in the middle of his field.

Today, I had the same sort of experience. It was most unexpected. I am sitting on the ramp, pen in hand, sun shining, and everything just sort of took a deep breath. It was a moment of expectation of things to come with flowers and continued warm weather, of good days, of time well spent and productive. Then, without warning, there was this over-whelming view of just how beautiful everything is in my back yard and Time was my friend, not my enemy. It felt like a day for living and being. No matter what the rest of the day had in store, or for tomorrow, all that truly mattered was that moment - all that mattered was today.

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