Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Alive and Breathing

Today I can honestly say I feel like an almost pain free person! This past week (so far) has been one of those horribly cold weeks which sends my arthritis into absolute hissy fits and causes me to either lie flat on my back and moan (but not quite curse my fate), or sit in my chair and do pretty much the same thing.

When these flare ups come there isn't a normal amount of pain I can expect. The pain varies from going-to-make-you-pass-out-little-missy to just-going-to-stay-here-and-annoy-you-for-hours-on-end. Both are...unpleasant. When it hits the annoying stage there just isn't much that can help ease it: it is annoying and consistent in its annoyance. When it is PAIN it is downright impossible to breathe almost. Since Saturday night it has been fluctuating between these two extremes and it hasn't been pleasant. So, I have watched movies and not done any writing, which annoys me too.

Now I am feeling better. The pressure has changed and the temps have warmed up, which is really good for the old joints.

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