Wednesday, February 15, 2006

My World

I have two on-line homes it appears. Here and over at I have two places I adore, simply because they are mine. They are mine just as writing is mine and no one else can really share in the creating of a story, but they can share in the reading of the story. I am beginning to believe whole heartedly in Neil Gaiman's ideas about writing - you have to have an ego, and a big one. Plus, you don't always take yourself too seriously, that's when people screw up about their writing, like Anne Rice did (does?).

Currently I am preparing to work on a new piece I am going to call "I Am Edgar." I have never put down a title before, really, not here. I've always had initials. Why am I changing my mind now? Because if Cherie Priest can do it, so can I. I really am more confident of late. Besides, how am I going to brag and complain if you don't know what I am talking about?! Also, this title is shorter. It doesn't take an entire minute to type it out. This helps immensely.

This one is not science fantasy, but, I think, full on science fiction. I'm not exactly sure where it is going, but I do have an opening scene. As time progresses and as the story unfolds, more details could come of it. I'm happy with this story, but also a little concerned: It feels BIG. It doesn't feel very much like a short story, but it could possibly be. Also in the Writing World I need to work on WHRTTT (it's a LONG title).

Can I do the Cherie Priest thing and work on two books (oh no! I said it!) at once?

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